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CAU C5 & C6 97-2013 CAGS Eliminators
CAU C5 & C6 97-2013 CAGS Eliminators
Our Price: $18.00

This kit will allow you to disable the Computer Aided Gear Selection (CAGS) feature of your Corvette's 6-speed gearbox. This kit uses genuine Delphi Packard Electric Systems division connectors, plugs and seals to protect your wiring harness and CAGS solenoid to allow you to re-connect the harness for full CAGS function, if you so desire. This kit is designed for use on both the standard MN6 Corvette's 6-speed gearbox and also the M12 Z06 Corvette's 6-speed gearbox. No permanent modifications are required to install this product.

NOTE: This kit will prevent the CAGS solenoid from engaging but the "1 to 4" light on the dash will still illuminate when skip shift conditions are met.
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